863 – Blues at gym

After I’d sketched chairs at the coffee shop, I left because they keep the AC way too cold, and had a few moments at my daughters gym class…so I did this one very quickly while waiting. You might notice at the top right there is someone laying on the floor – he seemed to be engrossed in his mobile phone rather than doing some kind of gym exercise.


862 – Chairs in chaos again

Here is another sketch of the chairs outside one of my frequent coffee shop haunts (where I work sometimes while I wait for my daughter to do her gymnastics). If you want to compare, the one I did before was No.845 on 8-Sep. I tried to keep the colours of the chairs more monochrome this time…but I’m not sure if it’s an improvement.


858 – Hanging on the corner

Here is the sketch I did yesterday – from my default Saturday afternoon position of lazing on the couch. I went back to using my old Rotring sketching pen for this…I love the way the water soluble ink bleeds and blurs. The walls in our house are not really that bright – I think I over compensated because it got gloomier as I painted.