1429 – New broom

I missed a day sketching again…so I am trying to catch up. This one is following the #HomeboundSketching prompt for a day I missed sometime ago, the 7th May – the prompt for that day was “broom”. So this is drawn in one of our bathrooms with our collection of brooms, mops and a broken dust buster. The broom in font is a new one, hence the title.


1428 – Tape

Here is another quick evening sketch – this one following the #HomeboundSketching prompt of “tape”. I interpreted that as meaning a tape measure, rather than an old fashions cassette tape (we don’t have any more of those anyway).


1427- Hammer head

Just a simple sketch last night following the #HomeboundSketching prompt for 22 May (the prompt was hammer of course). I guess my attention was on the head, because (as usual) I ran out of space to get the whole hammer on the page!


1426 – Melon in a basket

The #HomeboundSketching prompt for 21 May was “basket”, so here is one of the fruit baskets we use – with a huge melon in it. The basket is actually half of a traditional Bhutanese ‘banchung’ (I hope that’s the right word) – two woven baskets that fit together to make a little container…I used to use them to put my lunch in.


1425 – Shadow

So, it’s back to following the #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompts – the subject for 20th May being “shadow”. I’ve sketched our table and chair so many times…but still find the subject interesting. The other advantage is that I don’t need to get off the couch!


1424 – The garden

On Sunday I joined #Kyusisketchers again for a virtual meet up. The theme was “Garden”, so, as we live in an apartment, I sketched the common garden area from our balcony. It was roasting hot out there so this was done very quickly. I was pleased with the way I got the sunlight on the grass…but the trees ended up as a solid green blob!


1423 – Sky in Bhutan

The #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompt for 18 May was “Sky”. Not wanting to sit out on our balcony in the heat, I drew this sketch of our living room wall. The two top framed pictures were taken in Bhutan by a friend – the one on the left has a bit of sky in it. At the bottom are family photos. The snake on top of the Sungka board is made from beer bottle caps – one of our old home-made/recycled advent gifts.


1422 – Gift

Sticking with my plan to keep it simple, here is a quick sketch following the #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompt of “gift” for May 17. This little snow globe is something my daughters bought me. It says “best dad – anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy’. What more can I say.


1420 – A rose

The #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompt for 15th May was “flowers”. As I am restricted to sketching in the evening (I am lucky to have work during the day) I couldn’t draw any real plants, so instead sketched this silk rose, which I think one of our daughters bought one Valentine’s Day years ago. The brown vase is another relic – an odd shaped piece of pottery I picked up from the venue where I did life drawing during my university years.