1603 – Empty mall

Over the weekend we took a trip to the mall and while we sat and waited for some brunch I started this sketch (finishing it at home). This part of the mall was pretty empty – but surprisingly the main part (and the supermarket) was crowded….too crowded for social distancing that’s for sure.


1343 – Caution – bread talk

I sketched this while out in the Market Market! mall last weekend… adding the colour when at home. Yellow seemed to be the theme! I used to like buying food at Bread Talk…they used to actually sell bread and savoury snacks, but now I find it’s all sweet cakes and (what can only be vaguely described as) bread, heavily dosed with sugar.


1237 – Another mall

Yesterday I was out in Makati (trying to get my laptop fixed which I am told is a ‘vintage’ MacBook) and sketched this when I stopped for a coffee. This is Gloritetta 4 and I was in Gloriettta 5 …there are so many malls in Makati, you could probably cross the city without going outside.


1236 – The mall …from the mall

You can tell that I’m back in the Philippines because I am sketching inside shopping malls. At least in this one I managed to draw what was out the window. This is Market Market! shopping mall drawn from SM Aura mall. Something went wrong with my perspective on the roofs – but I was pleased with the way the sky came out…it really did look that gloomy!


1093 – Downtown

Last Saturday I popped into town to do some shopping and sketched this on the way. It’s actually the building where I work and is not really a mall – it’s full of government offices. I think it must have been damaged in the last hurricane…it’s missing a T.


1036 – Positive living station

Have you ever been in one of these massage chairs? I’ve never tried one but my wife did the other day and I did a very quick sketch while she was buried in the thing. I took a quick reference photo before starting the sketch and added the colour later. The owner of these chairs at the mall calls it a “positive living station” – and this one (which surrounds you completely – and I assume gives you a more thorough massage) is the most popular one.


1027 – El taco

I had very little time to sketch on Saturday when I was at the mall doing our weekly shopping…so what did I do? I did a 5 minute sketch, took a photo and added the colour at home. I was in such a hurry that I got the name of the taco stand wrong – it’s El taco Mucho …I missed out the “h”. I’ve sketched these orange chairs before and will no doubt do it again – I love the bright colours of the chairs and stand compared to the dull background. The woman working at the taco stand even had a shirt that matched the colour of the chairs.


1024 – Sunrise at the egg shack

Just for a change I have included my notes on this one: If I’m in BGC (Bonifacio Global City – a part of Metro Manila being developed as a new business district at a breakneck pace by the Ayala family) I can’t resist the opportunity to sketch – there is so much of interest to draw there. As I was there early morning (yesterday) I could also sit somewhere where I’d normally get roasted in the sunshine. I do like salted eggs but noticed that this place says they come direct from Singapore – why I don’t know because salted duck eggs (as well as century eggs and pregnant eggs …don’t ask a vegetarian) are a speciality in the Philippines.


1023 – On the street in Ortigas

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – there really are some spectacular trees on the streets in Metro Manila. This one is outside the SM Center (a mall) in Pasig – of which Ortigas is part. I found a spot on a wall half in, half out of the sun and the bushes to draw this. A lot of the time I was grumbling to myself as procession of large cars decided that the perfect place to wait to pick someone up was right in front of me!


1018 – Romantic baboy

This is the third sketch I did with Quezon City Sketchers last Sunday. In one of the squares of Centris Walk there was a crowd of people waiting in front of a restaurant called Romantic Baboy Unlimited Korean Grill (Baboy is Tagalog for pig or pork and I assume the restaurant focuses on pork dishes). Their mascot is a pig in a dinner jacket with a rose in it’s mouth, his arm out and his fingers snapping. I couldn’t resist sketching this – Filipinos seem to have a penchant for peculiar restaurant names!