1168 – The Brudenell

For our first trip out in the UK we went to Aldeburgh on the coast and started with a cup of coffee at the Brudenell Hotel. They also kindly let us eat the fish and chips that we bought somewhere else. This was the view of the hotel that I had while I had coffee and chips, sitting at tables along the seafront. It looks cloudy…but luckily it didn’t rain much until we’d finished our day out.


892 – What to paint when everything is yellow

After attending a workshop in Da Nang I had to check out (despite asking the hotel if they’d kindly let me stay a few more hours) and wait in the lobby (on a rock hard wooden seat) before going to the airport. This is what I did to make use of my time and help ignore my numb bum. I painted mostly with yellow ochre, mixed with black to make that lovely sludgy colour. Apart from the plants the only thing that catches the eye in a sea of blandness is the little altar with joss sticks and flashing lights.


699 – Breakfast by the pool

I sketched this on my last day in Amman while having breakfast. The big guy on the right appeared half way though my drawing, so I had to add him in. All the time I was at the Bristol Hotel I didn’t see anyone using the pool – either because it’s too cold or because you’d be swimming in front of everyone at the restaurant.