1126 – Hong Kong at midnight

On my way to the UK I had enough time at the airport in Hong Kong to draw this – the airport building there is so much more sophisticated and attractive than the ugly box we have in Manila. Maybe you won’t notice from this drawing but I got the curve of the roof wrong in this – it should be much shallower. My excuse is that it was late at night!


#504 – Teapots and gate change

Another sketch on my way home – this one was done at the airport in Hong Kong. I was settled in a nice spot to do a sketch and just about to start when there was a gate change and I had to walk across the whole airport…I still had time to do this sketch at the new gate though…a display cabinet with teapots in it.


Day 122 – Hong Kong airport

ACE.122-hong kong airport 160802-2

This is such a spectacular building that it deserved a rare two page spread in my sketch book. The building (called Chek Lap Kok Airport) is by Foster and Partners and has a fantastic roof/ceiling which was really complicated to draw (let alone design and build!). My drawing was done with a Uni PIN pen, ink wash and water colour pencils.