Sketchbook Oct-Nov 2018

959 – Sleeping on a plane

On the first leg of my flight from the UK to the Philippines via Saudi Arabia, the plane was only half full, so many people took the opportunity to lay down and sleep. I was wide awake though so apart from watching a movie I decided to do a sketch…almost in the dark. It might be hard to make out but this one is of a person laying down across two seats.


958 – Sea of grey

Arriving at Heathrow airport in the dark, the sun came up while I had coffee and I waited for enough light to draw. On the tarmac outside the coffee shop was a Gulf Air plane in a sea of grey tarmac. I began this with grey brush pens and then added what colour I could see, with watercolour.


957 – Not the birthplace of Harry Potter

On my last full day in Lavenham I decided to go out and sketch something iconic in the village. This is the guildhall – a 16th century building. While I was sketching several tourists strolled past and I overheard one mention this as the birthplace of Harry Potter! Obviously as he is fictional it is not – but I think several buildings in Lavenham do feature in the films and scenes of Godric’s Hollow.


955 – Boxing Day

Slumped in front of the telly on Boxing Day I looked up and decided to sketch what I could see hanging from the ceiling – decorations hanging from the light fitting. My mum and dad have an enormous collection of Christmas frippery, so they tend to get hung all over the place.


954 – Cats and snowmen

Christmas Day was spent at my sisters house, which much like my parents house is amply adorned with Christmas decorations as well as china cats. On one cupboard these are combined with some soft toy snowmen whose arms are fixed around the necks of two tall china cats…a good subject for a sketch.