894 – They all got up to board

What can you do to stay awake while waiting for a flight in Ho Chi Minh at 1am – why sketch of course! I had meant to add more to this one, maybe making the colours more intense, but I ran out of time as my flight was finally called. Plus all my “models” got up to leave. Behind the seats are mounds and mounds of knick-knack souvenirs – I always find this commercial avariciousness odd in a communist country.


893 – Last call for Jetstar

After hanging around at the hotel I headed to the airport in Da Nang thinking it would take me up to an hour to get there. In the end it took 10 minutes! So inevitably I had a good long while to wait before flying to Ho Chi Minh. Each strut of this huge window came out differently as I drew them – they are actually all the same shape.


892 – What to paint when everything is yellow

After attending a workshop in Da Nang I had to check out (despite asking the hotel if they’d kindly let me stay a few more hours) and wait in the lobby (on a rock hard wooden seat) before going to the airport. This is what I did to make use of my time and help ignore my numb bum. I painted mostly with yellow ochre, mixed with black to make that lovely sludgy colour. Apart from the plants the only thing that catches the eye in a sea of blandness is the little altar with joss sticks and flashing lights.


891 – Tiny house at pizza family

I didn’t have time to sketch in Hanoi because I arrived at 2am and then left after lunch. I didn’t even have time to sketch at the airport because the queues were so long I had to run to make sure I didn’t miss the flight. After checking in to my hotel in Da Nang I wandered around a bit and found a little place called “pizza family”. When I was sketching (waiting for my dinner), I noticed that in the pot of the plant on the desk are two tiny weeny little houses! It’s corny but sketching helps me see more!


659 – Crowds saying goodbye Hanoi

There are very few flights from Hanoi direct to Manila – the one I took left Hanoi at 1:25 am on Thursday….so I sketched to stay awake. Despite the late/early hour, the airport was heaving with people standing around looking through windows into the ‘airside’. While I drew this I chatted to a family who were there to say goodbye to a young friend going to do a PhD in Japan and then after that I was surrounded by an enormous extended family taking photos of each other (I am sure I must have appeared in the corner of a few of their family snaps).