71-2327 – Sleeping beauty

Having sketched General Tapioca the other day, I thought I would do a quick drawing of Captain Haddock last night. … More

71-2322 – Cat on arm

I haven’t sketched General Tapioca (our cat) for a while, so I took the opportunity when he settled down to … More

67-2194 – Scurry

Here is my sketch for day 2 of #Inktober2022 – following the prompt of #Scurry. The only thing that scurries … More

67-2188 – Moving target

Here is a very quick sketch of the newest member of our family “General Tapioca”. There is part of another … More

2141 – Companion

I am skipping ahead one day to post this because it’s international cat day today. This is our Siamese cat … More

2024 – The things we do for our cat

We bought our cat this water fountain – the idea being that there is a constant re-circulation, filtration and trickle … More