1267 – Let it mellow

There is a sign on the bathroom wall where I am staying – giving advice about how to save water. That’s where the title for this sketch comes from…I hope I don’t have to say more. Sometimes when things seem to just line up right, I have the urge to draw them…this was one of those moments.


1266 – Pelican sunset

Another beach drawing done at the end of my long walk last Sunday. I’ve seen many paintings on line, of sunsets, but this is my first. As I only sketch in-situ I don’t get many opportunities! Naturally this was painted very quickly as it soon got dark. If you are wondering about the title, the beach is called Pelican Beach.


1262 – Morning meditation

This might seem like an odd title, but I find sketching a meditative process – I concentrate fully on the act of seeing and representing what I see, on paper. Although I am looking more closely at the world around me, it takes me away from worldly worries. I did this one in the morning before going to work.


1260 – Little car No.2

Sketching in the morning before going to work again – good therapy to calm my mind. This is the second car I’ve rented this trip – the first one stuttered when I put my foot on the gas and then that dreaded warning light appeared on the dashboard. The rental company quickly swapped it for this one.