#461 – Not the swimming pool

ACE.461-not the swimming pool 170729-2-wm

When I told my daughter I was going out to sketch yesterday she commented that I’d be drawing the swimming pool for the umpteenth time….so I deliberately didn’t. This is the entrance to the area where we live. The lower-rise apartment blocks are dominated by the massive high rise buildings. I’ve avoided drawing this before because I don’t enjoy the repetitive windows.


#457-9 – Visa queue

ACE.457-9-visa queue 170724-5-2-wm

The last few days I have spend a lot of time at the Chinese Embassy queuing up to get a visa (for our coming holiday next week). The first time round they wouldn’t accept the application because the needed to see my old passport (don’t ask why)…second time round it was accepted – but of course I have to go back next week and collect the passports – hopefully with visas! Naturally I made use of my waiting time.


#455 – Waiting at Italianni’s

ACE.455-waiting at italiannis 170723-2-wm

On Sunday we took our daughter and all her friends out for a meal to celebrate her 18th birthday (after they had played laser tag)…while we waited for them to show up at the restaurant I dashed off a quick sketch of some other diners. For this one I splashed on the watercolour first (not necessarily in all the right places) and used a trusty UniBall pen to define things more clearly.


#454 – River view

ACE.454-river view 170722-2-wm

This is the other sketch I did at the San Rafael River Adventure. Without thinking I picked a scene with far too much going on and no real focus…even if the sketch failed somewhat at least I have this ingrained in my failing memory now.


#453 – Pool loungers

ACE.453-pool loungers 170722-2-wm

Over the weekend we went out of town with the whole family (around 24 of us!), to celebrate my daughters 18th birthday, to San Rafael River Adventure – a resort a few hours drive out of Manila. We stayed in their nice glass cottages, kayaked and went on a banana boat in the river and relaxed by the pool. This sketch is of the swimming pool which has this shallow beach like part with loungers in the water.


#451 – Basketball players

ACE.451-basketball players 170719-2-wm

I finally got outside to sketch yesterday. Here is a view of the common basketball court at our place. Everything seemed green (except for the rubbish bins)…even the court…so I kept the colours muted and used mostly greens and blues. I also added some chalk pastel for a change.