1564 – Float in the sea

When thinking of the next #Inktober2020 prompt (‘float’) I thought of floating in the sea – partly because I am missing being able to go to the beach, but also because I will be travelling again soon and maybe able to at least go for a walk on the beach. These goggles have a mirror finish…difficult to get across in a sketch.


1563 – Music

The next prompt for #Inktober2020 was music. We used this Logitech speaker (one of a pair – that also came with a woofer) to play music from our phones and laptops for at least 10 years but a while ago something went wrong and they squawk on the deeper notes. I still haven’t got around to taking them down.


1562 – Hide hat

My next #Inktober2020 subject was hide, so I took that to mean leather and that made me think of my Australian hat. I don’t wear this much these days because when I am out (usually to go shopping) I wear a face shield…with a hat on as well the plastic gets all misted up.


1561 – Pen pal

The next subject for #Inktober2020 was buddy …so with a little bit of thinking I translated that into friend…pal…pen pal…and then I thought of my old pen. This is a lovely Sheaffer fountain pen that my wife bought for me – sadly, despite dismantling it and trying every ink cleaning process I could Google, it is so blocked up that it can’t be used anymore.


1558 – Chef

I missed a day so this sketch is for the #Inktober2020 prompt of the day before yesterday – just a sketch of our hob. It might look a bit odd but I was wanted to concentrate on sketching the reflections. I drew this standing up…makes a change for me …. I find my lines become more wobbly!


1557 – Rest

The #Inktober2020 prompt yesterday was “sleep”. Drawing the bed seemed like a boring choice, so I chose to draw this book rest….only loosely connected to sleeping! This lovingly crafted wooden rest is something that a friend made for us some years ago. We use it for our cookbooks.


1556 – Coral and two pipes

Yesterday’s #Inktober2020 prompt was “coral”. That made it easy for me to think of what to draw because we’ve had this piece of coral around the house for many years. I regret collecting it off the beach now – I realise now we shouldn’t have done that. I think when big bits of coral wash up like this, its a sign that there has been some damage, sometimes due to people sometimes due to major storms. In any case it’s better to leave it on the beach so it breaks down into that lovely white coral sand so many beaches in the Philippines are famous for.