1535 – The sound of things falling

Today I was sensible and sketched before I was too tired – just a jar of old felt-tip pens, most of which have probably dried up – but it gave me a chance to use lots of bright colours. As I was sketching this I was listening to a radio programme about the Columbian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez – so I googled him and I think my next read may be his novel “the sounds of things falling”.


1534 – New toys

Today I got a new palette that takes all my half pans of watercolour, plus a few whole pans. I’ve been using the same Winsor & Newton field box for too many years to count, so getting a new palette is quite exciting. Somehow the sketch ended up a bit wonky though.


1530 – Little mask

We accumulated a lot of bits and bobs when we lived in Bhutan – plenty of sketching material! This little enamel mask has been hanging around our house for a long time (literally because it hangs from a little loop at the back). I think he looks sad rather than scary.