Day 180 – Driver


I’ve been spending so much of my time stuck in the Dhaka traffic, I thought I’d sketch my driver (in ink and watercolour) – thanks to him I can snooze and sketch the hours away. This is a bit wobbly because we did actually move from time to time.

Day 175 to 178 – In Dhaka

Here are my sketches done so far while I have been traveling and working here in Bangladesh. Not very clear scans (done with a phone). Hoping to get outside at some point but work doesn’t give me much chance.


Day 175 – Group 4

Sketched while at the airport on 24-Sep, on my way here, with ink and a little water added later.


Day 176 – Hotel room

TV, fridge and jacket on a chair done in watercolor and chalk pastel on 25-Sep.


Day 177 – Fountain in lobby

Actually this fountain is in the restaurant – the lobby is in the background. The fountain is not functioning and seems our of place in the middle of the room. I did this on 26-Sep while waiting for my dinner, in watercolour and ink.


Day 178 – Bathroom tiles

Lastly here is the sketch I did this evening – looking into the bathroom from my hotel room. This was done in watercolour, ink and watercolour pencils.

Day 174 – Bottle of beer


Late night drawing (ink and watercolour as usual) after a long day – relaxing and having a beer while watching Poldark! The bottle in this is empty of course. This might be my last post for a while as I will be traveling for work for two weeks. I hope I can keep up the sketching, but might not be able to post the results…at least not scanned versions anyway.

Day 171 – Dreaming cat


Sticking with my philosophy of drawing whatever is in front of you, this afternoon I decided to quickly sketch our cat (again!) while she was twitching in her sleep. I did this in water soluble ink (which gives that brown tinge when I blend it) and watercolours…┬árestricting myself to just one colour!

Day 169 – Two views of the same thing


This morning, May (my beloved wife) started drawing first…so I decided to draw the same view (which I’ve done before several times). She has a different more precise, detailed and accurate style than me – plus she’s┬álearning to use ink do hatching. I did mine in ink, watercolour and watercolour pencils as usual. Here is hers (really good I think – blurry part at the top is due to the scanner)…


…not for comparison, but just to see different approaches to the same subject.