1745 – Rainbow cotton candy

Last Saturday we treated ourselves to breakfast at the local coffee shop – I ordered pancakes but unfortunately the mix must have been very sweet, plus they sprinkled on icing sugar and topped it with syrup. They were far too sickly! Even so their coffee was nice and I managed to do this quick sketch.


1699 – Back in the days of Starbucks

Here is a quick evening sketch of a reusable coffee cup that I rediscovered …unfortunately I can’t really put it to much use now as the main idea was to use it when visiting a coffee shop. As the dreaded virus is rampaging in the Philippines at the moment, going out for a coffee seems like a distant memory.


1661 – A pair

We’ve been through various coffee makers, some of which were more trouble than they were worth, but we always end up coming back to the French press coffee maker on the right which we have had for 25 years. The blue one on was a recent addition – so that we can have decaf and caffeinated coffee on the brew at the same time.


1588 – Where are the architects?

On Sunday for a change we had breakfast in Starbucks. This is the view from the window – the big building is a fairly new block of, what appears to be, offices. Being an architect I sometimes despair at seeing such ugly buildings – there are plenty of good architects here but I think developers just want the cheapest solution and pay architects peanuts if they employ them at all.


1449 – Almost at the coffee shop

Yesterday I ventured out again, this time to take my daughter to another virtual socially distanced graduation gathering. After having dropped her I thought I could go for a coffee. Starbucks was open, but you can only ‘dine in’ for an hour max, there is tape all over the chairs to stop people sitting next to each other, the cosy atmosphere is all gone and it was actually completely empty. So I just took my coffee home. Seems like there is still a very long way before things go back to anything like normal.


1250 – Concentrating

This is the sketch I did at the airport in Manila waiting to depart for another work trip. I’ve not been at all satisfied with many of my sketches recently and this one I still feel is a bit of a disaster – especially the guy on the right whose head looks all wrong. Anyway at least I tried…must do better!


1242 – Couple and child

I think I have officially given up on #Inktober prompts – just too many other things to sketch. Here is one done at a Starbucks cafe in Greenhills shopping center …while I was waiting for my laptop to be repaired (the repair place tried to get me to replacing the hard drive which they said was failing…but somehow I think it was a con). A bit more scribbly and inkier than usual.