1850 – Other end of the desk

On Sunday I finally had time to do a longer sketch with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent. We are still on lock down here (or at least all the amenities where we live are closed) so I had to draw inside again and took the easy option of just sketching the end of my desk. That shoebox is full of my most recent sketchbooks…but there is a shelf full in the living room as well.


1849 – Whose shoes?

I have seen some of my favourite sketchers, drawing their collection of shoes….I only have a few pairs and have drawn them all before, so I am drawing someone else’s. Apparently these shoes were left behind by our younger daughter before she went to the UK. No doubt we paid a fortune for them when they were new. Since then my wife has been occasionally wearing them…with mismatched laces.


1848 – Getting even simpler

Here is my sketch from last night – you can see that I sometimes struggle to think of things to draw…just taking things out of the fridge these days. This is not a chilli pepper – just a sweet bell pepper. I often think that this is what real bell peppers look like, rather than those huge bloated unnaturally perfect looking ones you get in the UK elsewhere.


1846 – New tubes

It’s been my habit recently to sketch any new paint that I buy (or I am given). I ordered these two tubes from ArtWhale (a local store) – Holbein Artist Watercolor (made in Japan). ArtWhale have a good range of colours in this brand, they are affordable and do home delivery. What more could you ask for? The colours are pretty fundamental (to me at least): Burnt Sienna and Pyrrole Red.


1845 – Square bottle

Here is another bottle of booze (Cointreau) that we have had hanging around our house for years. We do actually like to drink it sometimes and didn’t just buy it because it’s in such a lovely bottle!…however it really has been in the house for a long, long time.


1842 – Burgers

Last night, what with the uncomfortable side effects from my second Covid vaccine jab, cooking was not an option – so we ordered some veggie burgers from Burger King. As I felt pretty exhausted all I could manage was this little sketch of my plate with tissues and a little pot of tomato sauce. I am also getting to grips with the new paper I am using.