1464 – Flow

Here is my sketch for day 6 of #WorldWatercolorMonth – the subject being “flow”. I was thinking of pouring things, hence the jug, but the fishes on it also fit into that idea. We have a complete set of china with these fish – bought in Cambodia, but made in Vietnam. It was relatively cheap but is simple, sturdy and beautiful.


1462 – Quiet

This little lacquered box is something my wife was given when we finished working in Cambodia. When we lived there you could buy beautiful (an inexpensive) lacquerware from the market – mostly made in Vietnam I think. This one features a Miro style painting (despite a quick google I couldn’t find one that actually looks like this). Inside we keep joss sticks which my wife burns when meditating…hence the (loose) connection with the #WorldWatercolorMonth theme of quiet!


Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia

My old students in Cambodia asked for some drawings of the Bayon to print on a T-shirt, so that got me looking through my old sketchbooks. Here are the Bayon drawings I found.

CMB.bayon heads 980514-2-wm

Bayon heads – May 1998

CMB.bayon to music 970503-2-wm

Bayon to music – May-1997

I was lucky enough to spend 7 years living and working in Cambodia. For holidays I used to travel up to Siem Reap and spend a whole week just hanging about the temples and drawing. My drawings were bolder and I used less ink back then…inspiration for changing for what I do now. I’ll be posting a few more from Cambodia and other times in batches….

Day 164 – Souvenirs


I picked out a few random souvenirs to paint (in ink, watercolour and watercolour pencil) today – a pipe from Cambodia, coral (which I really shouldn’t have) from the Philippines and a little prayer wheel from Bhutan. They all turned out to be brown or variations of yellow and orange – that didn’t make this easy!