1767 – Bathroom mirror

I do like sketching reflections, so I guess it is only natural that I should end up drawing stuff on the bathroom shelf reflected in the mirror. This this new paper I am using I am trying to keep the drawing part to the minimum and do the rest with the watercolour.


1766 – Villa de Vera

This is a view at the resort we visited with my wife’s work colleagues on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I sat in a little Bahay Kubo (like the one in the background) and connected with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent to draw this, while adjacent to me people were singing their hearts out on the Videoke machine. This is the first sketch in a newly made sketchbook which uses Rembrandt 300gsm cold pressed paper again…I still prefer hot pressed!


1765 – ETA 4:30

I drew this very quickly while I was waiting for my wife to come home from an overnight trip with some of her friends. I had packed up some of our stuff so we could quickly leap in the car and head off for short overnight trip south to a resort near the coast. She said she’d be arriving at 4:30…so that gave me 30 minutes to draw and paint this.


1764 – Bean bag

This is just a doodle from the couch – my favourite spot in the evening. I am still trying to do better with my drapery so sketching our bean bag (which rarely seems to get used for sitting on) is a good opportunity for practice.


1762 – That car again

Yesterday I was back sketching from our car after having done our weekly shop (while the engine ticked over to charge the battery). I wasn’t planning to sketch this yellow Toyota again but I parked near it and couldn’t resist. I was most satisfied with the way I did the cars in the background on this one.


1760 – Happy Father’s Day

I had a nice surprise when we got back from our Sunday hike. Firstly we ordered a slap up meal from Wabi-Sabi (a noodle house with delicious all veggie and vegan dishes), then moments after we got home this fudge cake (or maybe brownie?) was delivered along with a “World’s Best Dad” mug – a perfect end to a perfect day.


1759 – Rangyas Peak 883 masl

Yesterday we went on a day hike up Mt. Batolusong. As usual we left home later than planned (my fault) so by the time we got to the third peak (Rangyas at 883 metres above sea level) it was noon and roasting hot. There were fantastic views though – this quick sketch is of Laguna lake with Talim island in the middle. Behind this is the southern part of Metro Manila. It was worth it, but today…everything aches!