1564 – Float in the sea

When thinking of the next #Inktober2020 prompt (‘float’) I thought of floating in the sea – partly because I am missing being able to go to the beach, but also because I will be travelling again soon and maybe able to at least go for a walk on the beach. These goggles have a mirror finish…difficult to get across in a sketch.


1562 – Hide hat

My next #Inktober2020 subject was hide, so I took that to mean leather and that made me think of my Australian hat. I don’t wear this much these days because when I am out (usually to go shopping) I wear a face shield…with a hat on as well the plastic gets all misted up.


1561 – Pen pal

The next subject for #Inktober2020 was buddy …so with a little bit of thinking I translated that into friend…pal…pen pal…and then I thought of my old pen. This is a lovely Sheaffer fountain pen that my wife bought for me – sadly, despite dismantling it and trying every ink cleaning process I could Google, it is so blocked up that it can’t be used anymore.


1558 – Chef

I missed a day so this sketch is for the #Inktober2020 prompt of the day before yesterday – just a sketch of our hob. It might look a bit odd but I was wanted to concentrate on sketching the reflections. I drew this standing up…makes a change for me …. I find my lines become more wobbly!


1557 – Rest

The #Inktober2020 prompt yesterday was “sleep”. Drawing the bed seemed like a boring choice, so I chose to draw this book rest….only loosely connected to sleeping! This lovingly crafted wooden rest is something that a friend made for us some years ago. We use it for our cookbooks.