1367 – Sketchwalk at home

On Sunday the #KyusiUrbanSketchers had a ‘virtual sketchwalk’ all drawing at home instead of meeting up. This is the drawing I did from our balcony (before it got roasting hot out there), looking towards another part of Acacia Estates called Rosewood. I think Rosewood is supposed to have a Chinese theme…ours has a Thai style…but it’s just the facade.


1186 – Dream Works

Last Wednesday I took a long cycle ride down to a part of the reclaimed area of Manila Bay that is being developed into Aseana City – to visit the bank – a ride through traffic of about 26km there and back. On the way back I stopped to draw the DreamPlay building – which is a DreamWorks inspired interactive play space with themed party rooms. I think its also part of the ‘City of Dreams’ which is a casino. It’s a pretty huge building so I was only able to draw part of it. I finished the colouring at home because it started to rain.


1111 – Makati reflections

We were in Makati earlier in the week to sort out some paperwork with the South African Embassy and stopped for a coffee along Ayala Avenue. I love sketching big shiny glass buildings so couldn’t resist taking a few moments to do this one. It’s always a challenge to fit a towering building onto one page.


1080 – Flamenco in the background

Here is my second sketch done at the Dia del Libro event at Ayala Triangle last Saturday, with Urban Sketchers Kyusi. Under the big arch of the Philippine Stock Exchange building there was a stage set up and while I was sketching this a flamenco guitarist was playing. The lettering is supposed to say Cervantes of course… I just ran out of space.


1077 – Tarsier through the glass

This drawing was done last week when I was out shopping with my daughter. We stopped in Starbucks for a break and this was the view I had out the window. I’ve drawn this tarsier sculpture by Jeffrey Figueras before (on 16-Nov last year) – the tarsier is something in between a lemur and a monkey. The sculpture is obscured by a staircase going up to part of the mall and in the background you can see some of apartments (a development called Serendra) in Global City.


1002 – The brightest building in town

On Saturday while my daughter was in her gymnastics class, I found a shady spot near the mall to sketch. I’ve passed this building many times and couldn’t resist doing a drawing. Inside are rides for kids, party venues and so forth – while sketching I noticed some sort of train ride going around. The building (mostly made out of what, as a student architect, we used to call wiggly tin) really is painted in such bright colours – we could do with a few more cheerful buildings like this in grubby Metro Manila!


957 – Not the birthplace of Harry Potter

On my last full day in Lavenham I decided to go out and sketch something iconic in the village. This is the guildhall – a 16th century building. While I was sketching several tourists strolled past and I overheard one mention this as the birthplace of Harry Potter! Obviously as he is fictional it is not – but I think several buildings in Lavenham do feature in the films and scenes of Godric’s Hollow.


949 – Cafe Rouge in Bury

On Wednesday I made a quick visit to Bury St. Edmunds to my favourite shop (Denny Bros – an art supply shop of course) and had a few moments to sketch this. After doing this drawing I found out that the red building is a 19th century Grade 1 listed building designed by Ipswich architect John Sherwell Corder. At the lower level is a terracotta frieze with dragons, serpents and the three crowns of St. Edmund….something I never would have known if I hadn’t sketched this.