71-2330 – Brunch at Beiruti Bites

Beiruti bites is a little restaurant in Market Market! mall – they sell nice felafel sandwiches. Not quite as nice … More

71-2329 – Late worker

Here is another sketch I did on my little visit to Greenbelt Mall in Makati. This one was done at … More

71-2328 – Carabao

I was at the Greenbelt Mall in Makati today – just taking the opportunity to get out of the house … More

71-2327 – Sleeping beauty

Having sketched General Tapioca the other day, I thought I would do a quick drawing of Captain Haddock last night. … More

71-2322 – Cat on arm

I haven’t sketched General Tapioca (our cat) for a while, so I took the opportunity when he settled down to … More

71-2321 – Box of tools

We occasionally try to tidy up our little apartment (we are not very good at it) and on the weekend … More

71-2320 – Goldfish pond

Here is another re-do sketch (of my sketch number No.61-1997 done last March) for inclusion in the event at #ArtInTheParkPH, … More

71-2318 – Moussaka with tofu topping

These are all the ingredients I put in our dinner last night (there are some out of sight too). It … More

71-2316 – Dirty ice cream

Here is the second sketch I did with #UskManila at the ASP outdoor art fair on the weekend. There were … More

71-2315 – Rizal monument

Here is the first sketch I did when we joined #UskManila at the ASP (Art Show Philippines) outdoor art fair … More