2142 – In need of fresh air

I spend far too long in front of a computer screen during the day (for work), so if I can, … More

2141 – Companion

I am skipping ahead one day to post this because it’s international cat day today. This is our Siamese cat … More

2139 – Friday snapshot

Here are a few little sketches summarising my Friday. Firstly I took my wife to buy a bus ticket (I … More

2135 – Look up

Here is another sketch done at Eagle Point Resort. The dining area has an elaborate (but clearly fake) candelabra. The … More

2134 – Man reading at Eagle Point

Last Saturday we went down to the coast for an overnight trip and stayed at a resort in Anilao called … More

2131 – Black bag

Here is a quick evening sketch done while chatting to my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent. This bag (which my wife keeps some … More

2130 – All tree

Here is the last sketch I did with #UskQuezonCity at Philippine General Hospital last Sunday. This tree is on a … More

2128 – Bell tower in trees

Here is the second sketch I did during the sketch-walk with #UskQuezonCity at Philippine General Hospital on Sunday. This bell … More

2127 – The UP Manila oblation

On Sunday I joined #UskQuezonCity for a sketch-walk at Philippines General Hospital. We were there in partnership with the Department … More

2126 – Random objects on a marble worktop

Here is a sketch I did on Saturday while chatting to my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent. I think the title says it … More