70-2286 – Rosewood café

My wife and I went to the cafe in the neighbouring housing development (called Rosewood Pointe) to have a snack … More

69-2256 – Painting in the dark as the light changes

Here is the last sketch I did on our journey from Manila to Manchester. This one was done on the … More

69-2255 – Profiles to Jeddah

Here is the second sketch I did before leaving Manila – this time at the gate waiting for the plane. … More

69-2254 – Snacking in terminal 1

Here is my first sketch on our journey from Manila to Manchester, where we are spending Christmas. This was done … More

69-2250 – Dress fitting

Today we went into Binondo (part of old Manila, also known as Chinatown) as my wife was getting fitted for … More

68-2243 – Skin cell van

I finally got out of the house and away from my computer and work for a while. I noticed this … More

68-2242 – Cargo waiting time

Here is a sketch I did yesterday, while waiting for my wife in the car park of the airport cargo … More

68-2240 – Two plants on the table

Here is an evening time doodle of our coffee table. By some miracle we have kept these two plans alive … More

68-2238 – Commencement

Today I attended my wife’s graduation ceremony – though apparently they call it a “commencement exercise” here. I gather that’s … More