Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia

My old students in Cambodia asked for some drawings of the Bayon to print on a T-shirt, so that got me looking through my old sketchbooks. Here are the Bayon drawings I found.

CMB.bayon heads 980514-2-wm

Bayon heads – May 1998

CMB.bayon to music 970503-2-wm

Bayon to music – May-1997

I was lucky enough to spend 7 years living and working in Cambodia. For holidays I used to travel up to Siem Reap and spend a whole week just hanging about the temples and drawing. My drawings were bolder and I used less ink back then…inspiration for changing for what I do now. I’ll be posting a few more from Cambodia and other times in batches….

#604 – Love poem

Last night I watched “Paterson” a wonderful film directed by Jim Jarmusch. It’s about a bus driver who writes poetry and the title of this drawing was the title of one of the poems he wrote. Not much happens in the movie but it was very heartwarming and uplifting.


#603 – Fenced off

In our common garden the children’s play area has been fenced off for some time, as it’s under repair. When I saw the blue metal fence the other day I knew I would enjoy painting a big splash of blue – and the reflected colour of the grass and other things around.


#601 – Fresh paluto

Today, after I’d done our weekly shopping I had a moment to sketch a scene at the food court of the hyper-mart. I doubt many people look up but there are odd shaped lights and a green and blue circular skylight over the whole area. I think fresh Paluto means “freshly cooked”…I am sure some of my Filipino friends will correct me if I’m wrong!


#599 – Remains of Ayala triangle

Today I cycled to Makati for a meeting and locked my bike in a rack in Ayala triangle park. The guard said I could only leave it there if I was a messenger or a customer of the nearby cafes…so after my meeting I went for a coffee and drew this. The park used to be much bigger but a big chunk of the ‘triangle’ has now been eaten up by greedy developer Ayala. You can see the construction of yet another mall/office block behind the fence.


#598 – No pee no tea

Here is my quick sketch for today. This is a little clay figure we were given in Beijing when we bought tea. When it’s wet and you pour hot water over it….it pees! If the water you pour over is not hot enough it doesn’t….so no tea! A very brown painting!