#577 – Family viewing

My brother, his wife Jodie and their children have been visiting for a couple of days and while they were watching ‘Up’ yesterday afternoon I sketched this. Reading in the background is Jodie (with Greta asleep on her lap – you can just see her legs), Erin is drawing in the middle, behind her is my brother-in-law Peter with the yellow jumper and on the right is my brother. Not my best sketch but it captured the moment.


#576 – Pears not ripe

Still too freezing cold to sketch outside yesterday morning (though we did manage a quick walk), so after breakfast I drew what was in front of me. These are ‘conference’ pears which are rock hard when you first buy them…delicious and juicy after they soften up though.


#574 – Red car in the morning

Yesterday morning my wife and I sketched together from the same spot I sketched with my daughter earlier this year. Something went wrong with my perspective in this though. However for the first time I noticed that there are grave stones on the plot of Marshbeck Interiors (a furniture store)…so the building must have been a church once. I wouldn’t have noticed this if I wasn’t out sketching in the freezing cold!


#571 – Church doorway

Yesterday we went for a short early morning walk and stopped and sketched at the local church. By the time I finished my painting I couldn’t feel my fingers – when the wind blows it’s bitterly cold! In case it’s not clear, the leaning shapes in front of the doorway are gravestones.