#534 – In the sun

ACE.534-in the sun 171029-2-wm

Here is a very quick sketch I made in the Sun Cellular shop on Sunday, while I waited for my wife to get a new SIM. I coloured it when I got home as I didn’t have enough time on the spot – I also wanted to be sure to get that clean bright yellow.


#529 – Life drawing

ACE.529-life drawing 171021-2-wm

Here is the other drawing I did at life drawing with “secret nudes” on Sunday (got the day wrong in my last post!). The model wasn’t quite as angular as she appears in my drawing and as always, I struggled with the hands and the feet!


#528 – Life drawing

ACE.528b-life drawing 171021-2-wm

I went to life drawing classes with a group called “Secret Nudes” on Sunday. There was only time to do three drawings but it was a nice small group and a good model. The first drawing I barely started before time was up – this one is my second effort.


#525 – Tintin

ACE.525-tintin 171019-2-wm

So after a few days of taking it easy and posting older drawings, I am back to sketching around my home. Here is one of our cat Tintin (she was named by the rescue centre we got her from…I suppose because of her ginger colouring). For a change I used pencil and pastel for this one – no ink and no watercolour!