2062 – Sketching while cooking

Sketching while letting the rice and lentils cook – whilst also chatting on line to my sketching friend @TheArtofBeingPresent was … More

2044 – In the post office

Here is the second sketch I did during the sketch-walk with #UskManila last Saturday, at Manila Central Post Office. I … More

2043 – Manila central post office

I am posting out of order again, as I still have one sketch to finish. However on Saturday morning I … More

2029 – Cafe Julita

This is my first sketch done during a little family gathering we had, kindly organised by one of our nieces. … More

2027 – More quilting

My wife is continuing her patchwork quilting project, so I thought I would sketch it. This huge cutting mat takes … More

2024 – The things we do for our cat

We bought our cat this water fountain – the idea being that there is a constant re-circulation, filtration and trickle … More

2020 – Not a fruitless trip after all

Yesterday I took our car to Ziebart-Carsavers to try and get the exhaust fixed, but after only a few minutes … More