1128 – Nice garden

My sister is an avid gardener and each time we visit we get a tour, when we are encouraged make compliments and say “nice garden”. Despite people telling me its warm weather here, it’s still cool compared to the Philippines, so I drew this from the comfort of the dining room!


1126 – Hong Kong at midnight

On my way to the UK I had enough time at the airport in Hong Kong to draw this – the airport building there is so much more sophisticated and attractive than the ugly box we have in Manila. Maybe you won’t notice from this drawing but I got the curve of the roof wrong in this – it should be much shallower. My excuse is that it was late at night!


1125 – Slowly getting darker

Waiting for flight to UK it started off light outside and slowly got dark while I drew this. I bought some coffee and cake at “Bluesmith comfort food” – the cake tasted like it had been on the shelf for days. Passengers came and went as I drew – I only managed to catch the ghost of one.


1124 – Tongyang shabu-shabu express

On the weekend we had lunch at this place and I was pleased that they had a vegetarian version. It was only when we asked for a top-up of the soup (shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot pot where you cook the raw ingredients in an open pot of broth at the table), that we were told that the broth is chicken stock. I think someone needs to explain to them what vegetarian means!