1818 – Car in the dark

I sketched this one while waiting at the airport for our daughter to board her flight safely and head back to the UK. It was really dark, so this ended up pretty sketchy and blurry – but also suitably gloomy. We had a lovely little holiday while she was here… here’s hoping we can make it to the UK in the not too distant future to see both of our daughters and my mum.


1795 – Nacpan beach

Our third full day in El Nido took us to Nacpan beach which is supposed to be one of the best beaches in the world. It is truly beautiful but unfortunately (according to some guys from the tourism office) the coastguard had issued an order to not allow people to swim because of the rough weather. I did manage to go in for a little dip before this and could feel a really strong rip tide, so that was probably good advice. We finally had some patches of blue sky that day!


1765 – ETA 4:30

I drew this very quickly while I was waiting for my wife to come home from an overnight trip with some of her friends. I had packed up some of our stuff so we could quickly leap in the car and head off for short overnight trip south to a resort near the coast. She said she’d be arriving at 4:30…so that gave me 30 minutes to draw and paint this.


1523 – Waiting for you …to return

Today we took our daughter to the airport as she is heading off to university – an exciting time for her (though difficult travel with Covid-19…quarantine in the UK, blended learning and no freshers parties and all that)…but kind of a sad time for us. This sketch was done in the car park while we waited to be sure she had gone through immigration without any difficulty. The title actually comes from a Nick Cave song that I have been listening to a lot recently, but it seems appropriate.


1419 – All black

The #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompt for 14 May was “luggage”, so I drew my carry on bag. It’s a pretty handy bit of luggage as it has backpack straps plus wheels if I prefer to drag it….it also has so many pockets that I keep losing things in it.


1362 – Social distancing on the plane

Here is the last sketch I did on my way home. The Philippine Airlines flight from Toronto to Manila was almost empty – so service was great and I could lay out across 3 seats to sleep for most of the 16 hours journey. There was little danger of catching the Coronavirus as the few people on board were spaced far apart…there were almost more crew than passengers! I added the colour to this at home because they switched the lights out before I could finish.


1361 – Strange tables strange times

I didn’t have time to sketch at the airport in Providenciales – it was very crowded and it wasn’t long after I got through security that we boarded. Instead I sketched this in Toronto between flights. In this part of the airport there are these peculiar shaped tables – like blue stars and tree trunks. Given the chaos around the world it was surprisingly normal at the airport. In case you are wondering I have already made it back home safely!


1350 – Yellow light no planes

Here is another sketch done on my way to Turks and Caicos – I did this one while I was waiting for my flight in Toronto airport. I was hoping to draw a plane and wandered around trying to find a seat near a window (and near my departure gate) where I could see one. When I finally did, I sat down, drank my coffee and looked up to see the plane (not mine, just the one I had hoped to draw) had left. So I turned round and drew what I could see in the other direction.


1349 – Elite at last

Last weekend I was travelling again, heading back to Turks and Caicos for work. At the airport in Manila I was surprised to be told that I could go to the Elite lounge – I guess because I have travelled on Philippine airlines so much recently I must have accumulated lots of airmiles. Unfortunately I had just had brunch before heading to the airport so couldn’t take advantage of the free food!


1331 – The moon at terminal 2

I had a long, long journey home – three connecting flights and a 6 hour layover in the UK. I left on Thursday and arrived home on Saturday! I only had time to do one sketch though, as I had to catch a coach between airports in the UK and that seemed to take up all my time. This is what I saw when I finally got to Heathrow Terminal 2. I think I should have ignored the sculpture in the background (all those lines on a pole)…very difficult to convey how it looked.