1077 – Tarsier through the glass

This drawing was done last week when I was out shopping with my daughter. We stopped in Starbucks for a break and this was the view I had out the window. I’ve drawn this tarsier sculpture by Jeffrey Figueras before (on 16-Nov last year) – the tarsier is something in between a lemur and a monkey. The sculpture is obscured by a staircase going up to part of the mall and in the background you can see some of apartments (a development called Serendra) in Global City.


1076 – Even the paper feels hot to the touch

Here is my final sketch at Portulano – this is my second post today as I have a backlog of drawings to share. You can tell by the title that it was hot sketching that day – but at least I did manage to avoid getting sunburnt! In the foreground is another of the seats made out of an old tyre – they also had tables and plant pots made in the same way. The chairs were quite comfortable, very heavy and perfect for a beach front resort as they seemed indestructible!


1075 – Giant thriller

Still posting sketches done in Portulano Resort! This one may be a bit hard to make out – there is so much going on, so to explain: in the foreground on the right is a chair made out of an old tyre (painted blue), an upturned boat on the left and in the background is a big semi-circular inflatable which is towed by a speedboat as people lay on it and hang on to straps….we didn’t go on this by the way! I had to add the colour of this later as the shade I was sitting in disappeared.


1072 – Little blue lamp

Here is another sketch done at Portulano Resort, just lounging around – and the first one in my new sketchbook. It’s a homemade sketchbook again – this time using Daler Rowney smooth paper. Unfortunately even though the paper is 220 gsm it is still pilling a little!


1071 – Boat out of water

This boat (technically a double outrigger Banca – the type of boat used for fishing and transportation in the Philippines) was pulled up on the slipway the whole time we were at the Portulano Resort. I sketched this while lounging on our balcony soaking up the atmosphere. It’s also the last page in my first handmade sketchbook.


1070 – Portulano room

After a failed attempt last year (cancelled due to bad weather) we finally made it to Portulano resort in Batangas – to learn to scuba dive. Our daughter is taking her PADI course and my wife and I are doing a Discover Scuba course…just an introduction. I did a PADI course more than 20 years ago and have forgotten it all! This is the room we are staying in.


1069 – Flip flops

When you have spent all day running errands, driving to and fro in the city, ferrying children around for gymnastics, shopping and visiting the hospital for tests, there is only one thing to do at the end of the day. Put your feet up! These flip flops also happen to be a Christmas present from my sister-in-law and family.