1409 – Feet

The #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching subject for 5th May was “foot”. I often draw my own feet, so for a change, as my daughter had a snooze this morning, I took the opportunity to give it a try. Her legs are a lot smoother than the knobbly impression my drawing gives.


1392 – Sunday morning deal

The deal with my daughter was that I would be allowed to draw her again (several of my previous attempts haven’t been that complimentary I suppose) if I would let her snooze on the couch through most of the morning. This is the result of the deal. Her hair looks like it was standing on end in this sketch…in reality her ‘just got out of bed’ hair doesn’t look that bad!


1181 – Jet lag

We have all been suffering from jet lag since we got back to the Philippines – a lot of snoozing on the couch is required to adjust. Of course this gives me an opportunity to sketch – bit of a disaster on the face and hand…but I think I captured the moment!


1003 – 1010 – Life drawing

Last Sunday I joined another life drawing session with Sunday Nudes. The model began with a dance and we sketched while she moved, which was different. All the other poses were of 15-20 minutes and my sketches alternate between A4 and A5 sizes. I was most pleased with my third (1005) drawing – or at least her legs! One sketch was done while we were having a discussion about the #MeToo movement.


978-984 Life drawing at Sunday nudes

Last Sunday I had the rare pleasure of joining a life drawing session with Sunday Nudes. The model’s name was Nico and he was kind enough to choose one of my drawings as one of the “winners” and I got a little prize of some stickers! I was most pleased with my first (978) and last drawings (984).


907-13 – Sunday nudes…on a Saturday

I finally got back to doing some life drawing and joined the Sunday nudes life drawing group…which was holding an extra session on a Saturday. We had a great model @kikinijelay – who kindly picked out my “challenge” drawing (the challenge was not to take the pen/pencil off the paper) for a prize. The first painting in this post is the one I was most satisfied with – all the others are included too.