1401 – Outlet

This sketch – the green thing is a lampshade we bought in Turkey – is another one for the #HomeboundSketching prompts of #Melogallery. The subject was power outlet (there is one hanging in this sketch…don’t ask why)…but of course sketching is also a useful outlet for me during this lockdown situation. As I was drawing I was also thinking of the #KyusiSketchers weekly challenge of “Light and shadows”.


1400 – The rug

I am enjoying the #HomeboundSketching prompts of #Melogallery because I am sketching things I wouldn’t normally think of drawing. The prompt for this one was “rug”. The corner of this rug (something we bought in Syria yonks ago) has appeared in lots of my sketches…and I had intended to draw the whole thing…oops! I drew this while watching “Quiz”…for those of you who have seen it, I think they were innocent.


1399 – Pink sunglasses

Here is another sketch following the #HomeboundSketching prompt of #Melogallery. The prompt for 25 April was glasses, so I sketched my daughters pink sunglasses. They are sitting on top of “The unbearable lightness of being”…an excellent book. The painted wooden set of drawers (bought in Syria) that all this on, is destined for a repainting, so this is a goodbye to that as well.


1398 – Daytime TV

Today I joined #Kyusisketchers again for a virtual meet up. Today’s theme was #Entertainment, so naturally I sketched our TV. Part of this was done while the TV was off, part was done while my daughter was watching the Great British Sewing Bee…now I am expecting more of my old clothes to be cup up and repurposed!


1397 – Stapler in drawer

I’ve got a bit behind with following the #Homebound prompts of #Melogallery, but this one was for the prompt of “Stapler”. Rather than just draw a stapler by itself, when I eventually found ours, I thought I’d draw it where it was – buried amongst other bits and bobs in a drawer. Somehow I got the proportions of the drawer wrong though – so the contents look more squashed than they actually are.


1396 – Gate-leg table

Here is another sketch following the #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompts. The prompt the other day (I have lost track a bit of the days….its this lockdown thing!) was table, so here is a view of our living room table. We had this purpose made where we got a lot of our other furniture made – just so it fits in our living room.


1395 – Spices

Here is another sketch following the #Homeboundsketching prompts of #Mellogallery – the prompt for 21 April was “spices”. Here are just a few of the ones we have – there are two more shelves to the right with lots more!


1394 – Bird

The other day I was invited to follow the #Homeboundsketching daily prompts of #Mellogallery. The prompt for 20 April was “bird” and seeing that I only sketch from life I had a hunt around our house and found this stuffed toy. I think it’s supposed to be Daffy Duck? My daughters have mounds of dusty old stuffed toys but refuse to chuck them out.


1393 – Something hanging

On Sunday I joined #Kyusisketchers again for a virtual meet up. The theme was “something hanging”. There are lots of things hanging in our house – but I have drawn most of them already. However I don’t think I have drawn these shopping bags hanging on the back of our front door before. Hanging to one side is a home-made face mask – essential for going outside these days.