1650 – One kilo

Here is another sketch of one of our Christmas presents – my sister-in-law bought us lots of goodies including this massive jar of crunch peanut butter. We usually buy peanut butter in comparatively weeny jars…I’m not even sure they sell one kilo jars here in the Philippines. This one is going to last us for months and months!


1640 – Stop now

As I am sketching I always have to tell myself to stop fiddling and adding more colour or detail – that seems particularly crucial with this new paper I am using. This sketch is of another Christmas present that we never realised we wanted – the white thing is a mister or a humidifier. With some water and a few drops of essential oil it makes the room smell less musty!


1608 – My favourite time of the year

My favourite time of the year is any time I get to use some new paints. These were bought for me for Christmas by my daughters – Holbein Artists Watercolors. I got Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Green, Lemon Yellow and Paynes Grey. This year I am hoping to sketch all the Christmas presents I was given (to say thank you to each person) – this is my first.


1602 – Christmas slipper

I’ve been a bit lax with posting my sketches recently – but I am still doing them each day. This is another of our odd Christmas decorations – this is actually a souvenir I was given when I finished work in Syria, but we hang it up every Christmas as it looks kind of festive (to me).


1600 – Beer angel

Here is another sketch of one of our oddball pieces of Christmas decor. Several years ago we were making our own decorations and this is one of two angels we made from old beer cans and a wine cork. It even has a little halo made from sparkly craft wire.