1558 – Chef

I missed a day so this sketch is for the #Inktober2020 prompt of the day before yesterday – just a sketch of our hob. It might look a bit odd but I was wanted to concentrate on sketching the reflections. I drew this standing up…makes a change for me …. I find my lines become more wobbly!


1360 – Sails on the beach

Before I left TCI I decided to take a last walk on the beach. I walked from where I was staying towards Grace Bay – and easily got in my 10,000 steps. This is the spot I stopped at – where there are these little catamarans for rent. The owners kindly warned me they were taking in the sails…and asked if I didn’t mind as they could see I was sketching. Then they came over, made a few nice comments and said the boats would be back out on the beach the next morning if I wanted to draw them again…what a pity I wasn’t able to!


1359 – Work sport travel

Sketching to relax on a Friday evening after a long stressful day at work. Seems like I will be travelling back home sooner than expected – and my “travelling shoes” will come into play (that is the super comfortable hush puppies on the right). Lets hope the journey is uneventful.


1358 – Ode to joy, music for the soul

I sketched this while listening to #BBCOutlook (a world service radio show) – about a cellist in Buenos Aires who, after the death of his wife, arranged to bring musicians to hospitals and care homes to play for the sick. What an inspiration. At the time I was listening his orchestra was playing Ode to Joy – Beethoven.


1356 – Kite surfers

My landlady warned me that the weather was going to change on Saturday afternoon. But still I went for a walk to the beach. Wow it was windy – sand got in everything including my paints. These two guys didn’t seem to care though – several times they were lifted up into the air on their kites.