1363 – Essential supplies

The day I got back home to the Philippines, we went to the supermarket to do a bit of stocking up…no, not panic buying of toilet paper! It was a bit mad at the store – no bread, no eggs, no rice, very few veggies and of course no instant noodles! We did however manage to buy some beer – essential for all that TV binging we are going to be doing, now that Metro Manila is in lockdown and we are not allowed out.


1329 – Beer before flying, at the Cockpit

My trip to Grand Turk was short but sweet – just two nights. This sketch was done on my way back to Providenciales. There is a bar at the airport called ‘The Cockpit’ and I had a coffee while waiting. This group of people decided to have a few beers while waiting….maybe they are nervous flyers…I can understand that, given the tiny weeny planes that fly between islands in TCI.


1318 – Not the virus

All the time I was sketching this I was thinking of the terrible business of the Coronavirus that is currently spreading from Wuhan. I’d much rather have a beer than worry about it – best not to think about things in the future but concentrate on the present instead.


1184 – Empty bottle

Here is an evening doodle of one of my favourite subjects. Of course I had just drank the beer! Apparently San Mig Light or SML is the country’s leading low calorie beer. The company was founded in 1890 by a group of Spaniards in the Philippines and they expanded to Spain in 1953 – not the other way round.


1157 – Evening entertainment

Sometimes when you get home from work, the only way to relax is a cold beer…for me, along with that comes yet another drawing of a beer bottle (I had finished the beer by the time I drew this). This beer is called “I soon reach” – according to the label this is a reference to Turks and Caicos island time – meaning when you are expecting to meet someone, chase them up and they say this, they could be just around the corner or just setting sail from another island en route to you!


1102 – Gon-ta nort

You can tell by this what I get up to some evenings – sketching and having a local beer. According to the label on the bottle, the name of this beer refers sailors travelling between islands and going to North Caicos (where there are fertile farm lands) to get fresh crab. Not sure how much sense that makes – but never mind the beer is nice!


1045 – Bohio sun

Arriving in Grand Turk last Sunday, after checking in, my first port of call was Bohio Dive Resort – the nearest place down the beach to get something to eat. Problem was, I was too early to eat so I had no choice (shame) but to drink beer and sketch while I waited for their kitchen to open. Even after that it took 1 hour for my pizza order so I was starving by the time I ate.