1630 – Alcohol gun

Here is another one of our Christmas presents – the kind of pandemic present that I never realised even existed. You are supposed to fill the chamber with isopropyl alcohol and it atomises it into a fine mist which you can use to disinfect your house. It has a blue light thing too – though I am not sure what that is meant to do.


1629 – Blues

This sketch was just one of those moments when looking around you see several things in different shades of blue and think, that it would make a good sketch. I don’t have the “lock-down blues”, but I do think I’ve drawn almost every corner and item in our little apartment now…so it’s probably time to draw them all again!


1625 – An opportunity

It’s not often I get to use my “opera pink” paint so when I was looking for something to draw and saw this bottle of printer ink, I couldn’t resist. Funny thing is though, our scanner will not pick up the bright pink colour, but scanned it as pale red. I had to tweak the image a bit to get the colours to reflect what I had actually painted.


1623 – Messy Bessy

Going back to sketching Christmas gifts, this surface cleaner wasn’t actually given to me but to my wife. This brand of cleaning products is made in the Philippines, is environmentally friendly as they are 100% made from plants and are made by employing at risk young adults! It works too – so we have bought some detergent from them too.


1622 – Holy guacamole

Last week for dinner one evening we had tortillas with lots of yummy filling plus guacamole – this sketch is of the jug from the liquidiser after we had scooped it all out. Whenever I hear the word guacamole I always think of the phrase “holy guacamole!” …I did think it was something Robin said in the late 1960’s Batman and Robin TV show …but apparently not.


1621 – Cat bag

What’s not to like about this little bag that my wife uses to carry her phone around in? It was certainly enjoyable to use a all those bright colours and try to capture some of those textures. I think the bag actually belongs to my daughter and came from Myanmar.