67-2194 – Scurry

Here is my sketch for day 2 of #Inktober2022 – following the prompt of #Scurry. The only thing that scurries … More

14-0079d – Greenbelt’s wonky perspective

I discovered some sketches from way back in 2016 that I never shared. This one was done on a sketchwalk … More

67-2189 – Typhoon coming

Here is a sketch that has been in my sketchbook for a couple of days, waiting for me to add … More

67-2191 – Bridge work

They are doing some work on the little bridge that crosses one of the swimming pools in the development where … More

67-2188 – Moving target

Here is a very quick sketch of the newest member of our family “General Tapioca”. There is part of another … More

2181 – Hit the gong

Here is another sketch from our holiday in Siquijor that I didn’t finish! This was a place we had lunch … More

2178 – Ferry

This sketch goes back a bit to the ferry we took from Dumaguete to Siquijor. I only managed to the … More

2185 – Dumaguete airport

Here is the last sketch I did on our little holiday, of course at the airport on the way home. … More

2184 – Warrior

The place we stayed at in Maria, Siquijor had some pretty odd and eclectic decor, including three full sized terracotta … More