1839 – Last fruit

I usually sketch without an end result in mind but last night I started this thinking I would do a simple drawing of a bowl of fruit….then I thought I’d limit my palette to just just Paynes Grey and Raw Sienna. Well, none of that really came to be and I just doodled away adding details and more colours – that’s my favourite way to sketch.


1830 – Plantain

If you’ve never eaten plantain, they are a type of banana, often cooked when still green, though you can eat them just like bananas when they ripen off. This bunch is still green except for one solitary one on the end which got eaten this morning. Why the seller decided to put a label on each piece I don’t know…maybe because people are likely to buy only one at a time?


1807 – Dragon fruity

Last week my wife came back from a trip with 5 kilos of dragon fruit and we have been eating them ever since. These ones have deep pink flesh and when you eat a lot of them…well it’s like eating a lot of beetroot! I had to tweak the colour of this sketch after scanning it, because our scanner will not scan that kind of pink (it comes out red)…but the fruit really are this colour.


1729 – Ripening mangoes

This is my first sketch in a newly made sketchbook – this time I am trying out the very expensive Hahnemühle Britannia 300 gsm hot pressed paper. So far I am finding it a bit tricky – it’s not as immediately absorbent as the paper I used last, so the paint washes around the surface for a while. It’s going to take a while to get used to that. Anyway we bought some Guimaras mangoes from a friend on Thursday, so to avoid having to think too hard, I chose them as my subject to sketch.


1720 – God is in the house

The title of this is from a Nick Cave song from an album (No More Shall We Part) that I have been listening to rather obsessively recently. Somehow it seemed appropriate seeing how much I have been sketching in the house since the pandemic started. I’ve sketched fruit on our coffee table many times but I still see something different each time.