1352 – Fruit from above

Here is a little sketch I did one morning (sticking to my habit of sketching before work while I still have jet lag) of my fruit bowl. Somehow my sketch made it look like I was hovering above the fruit – hence the title. I beefed up the colour with some scribbles of watercolour pencils…I do like the way I can get that dense layered look with them.


1065 – Chocolates before dinner

Here is a doodle from last night – I’d made dinner but was waiting for my wife to come home…so I snacked on chocolates! Something my parents always told me not to do. The chocolates were a Christmas gift from a friend in the UK…you can tell we don’t eat many chocolates! I painted this starting with watercolour, then ink and then watercolour pencils – which I like to use because of the layering effects you can get.


1026 – Twenty years

It’s been 20 years since we got married (last Wednesday 27). I think asters are the traditional flower for a 20th anniversary but the flower sellers could only show me sad looking little daisy-like flowers when I asked. So instead I bought these gorgeous roses for my wife. Difficult to draw but wonderful to look at and smell!


887 – Orange things

Sometimes it just seems obvious what to sketch in the evening – I couldn’t help noticing that all these things on the coffee table were orange or yellow-orange…even the picture of Gandhi on his autobiography! The papaya comes from the organic market that we shop at on Sunday mornings – huge and very sweet.


842 – My kit cleaned up

A fellow urban sketcher asked me to show what kit I used, so instead of posting a photo I decided to draw it. This shows my Winsor & Newton field box (still going strong after using it for 25 years), a fresh A5 sketchbook (gold line, white 140g/m2 hardback), a fold up pencil case from National Bookstore stuffed with Derwent watercolour pencils, various brushes (including a couple of Pentel water brushes) and fountain pens and at the back, my case logic bag which I stuff it all in. I can also fit a little fold up stool into the bag if I want to – though it makes it pretty heavy.


730 – Planetarium

Yesterday I joined the Philippines Urban sketchers at the Planetarium, Rizal Park for a sketch-walk – and a seven year anniversary of the group. Here is the first sketch I did of the Planetarium building.


723 – Marble dolphins

Here is my belated sketch for the Doodlewash May challenge prompt of “dolphins” on Monday 14th. We bought these dolphins in Romblon (an archipelagic province in the Philippines) where they have huge deposits of marble (enough to last 3 centuries according to Wikipedia).