1587 – Falling tree

We have had some powerful typhoons here recently and several trees in our communal garden have fallen over. This one came close – the roots on the right have all lifted out of the ground – so the gardeners are trying to prop it up with some metal frames (they look too feeble to have much affect to me). They also appear to be trying to hold it down with a lump of concrete that is attached to the end of that rope.


1586 – A big fan

Here is my sketch from last night – just one of our many wall mounted fans….essential in a tiny apartment in a hot climate. On the door are some left over signs from our eldest daughter – the yellow one says “have a nice day…somewhere else”…that always makes me laugh.


1585 – A glass of water

I have been so busy with work recently that I didn’t even have the time or energy to post this sketch from a couple of days ago – never mind sketch (which I wasn’t able to do yesterday)! Although this is a simple subject its pretty difficult to sketch and paint – I’m not sure if I really got the feel of it.


1583 – The triffid

Here is a lazing on the couch sketch (I must get out more) – a view of one of our many shelves and one of our many Aloe Vera plants – that just don’t seem to stop growing. I have heard that you can eat the jelly…but it doesn’t appeal! I wonder if there is anything else we can do with them?


1582 – Pot

If I squint and look at this from a distance I am satisfied. Close up and I can see all the flaws. This is a china pot we’ve had laying around for ages – something we bought in Cambodia. My recollection is that they were “10 a penny” as they (used to) say.


1580 – Brown house

I can happily sketch the same view (from the couch) multiple times – each time I see if differently. Brown is one of my least favourite colours but somehow we have ended up living in a house with mostly brown furniture – apart from the door (and that’s a book on the table) in this picture everything is wooden, so that explains it.