1821 – After dinner

Here is a sketch of what I put down after my dinner the other night – we had rice with a nice mung bean dish (cooked in coconut milk with spinach), followed by a banana. I love drawing this china set we have (bought from Cambodia but made in Vietnam) because of that lovely deep blue.


1758 – Olive oil

I’ve drawn a bottle of olive oil before – but I just wanted to do a simple sketch before bedtime last Friday…so that’s all this is. The only connection to my day was that I used it in cooking that evening…there is nothing like a lavish splash of olive oil to cook with.


1749 – White bean and olive soup

Earlier in the week I set out the ingredients for white bean and olive soup (naturally I decided to sketch them before cooking). I forgot to put out the carrot but I did add it to the soup – which ended up more like a stew (my daughters least favourite type of soup!). Anyway it was pretty good, served with garlic bread.


1730 – Cheesy beans

I am still battling away with my new paper, but gradually getting used to it. Here is a sketch of our leftover dinner from last Friday – a lovely baked dish of pinto beans cooked with lashings of cheese, onions, green apples, tomatoes and chilli. Yum yum.


1712 – Before the soup

I made pumpkin soup for dinner the other day (with dill seeds which gives it an interesting flavour), but before cooking I decided to sketch the pieces of pumpkin. The soup also had onions in it – and then we had it with pesto flavoured bread rolls and sour cream…yummy!


1705 – Crusher

Here is another simple sketch done in the evening. I could have called this “crushing it” – but I don’t think I am with this one. I have had this pestle and mortar since I lived in the UK…I think we now have a collection of several!


1670 – Book pressing

I sketched this standing up while waiting for the rice to cook. This is the makeshift press I use to glue the cover to the font and back board of my homemade sketchbooks. To glue it to the actual signatures I use two clamps and some old pieces of shelf. I struggled with the perspective in this a little – the grey pestle and mortar is ok but the marble one is not quite right…I didn’t get the lovely colour of the marble right either.


1636 – Quiche

There is nothing quite as nice as a vegetable quiche served with chips! This recipe (with a wholemeal cheese crust and tomatoes, carrots and peas) came from my mum’s scrapbook of recipes…this one was from a a magazine article, probably from the 1970’s! Still tasted great though.