1850 – Other end of the desk

On Sunday I finally had time to do a longer sketch with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent. We are still on lock down here (or at least all the amenities where we live are closed) so I had to draw inside again and took the easy option of just sketching the end of my desk. That shoebox is full of my most recent sketchbooks…but there is a shelf full in the living room as well.


1842 – Burgers

Last night, what with the uncomfortable side effects from my second Covid vaccine jab, cooking was not an option – so we ordered some veggie burgers from Burger King. As I felt pretty exhausted all I could manage was this little sketch of my plate with tissues and a little pot of tomato sauce. I am also getting to grips with the new paper I am using.


1839 – Last fruit

I usually sketch without an end result in mind but last night I started this thinking I would do a simple drawing of a bowl of fruit….then I thought I’d limit my palette to just just Paynes Grey and Raw Sienna. Well, none of that really came to be and I just doodled away adding details and more colours – that’s my favourite way to sketch.


1836 – Turned around in my office

I spent a nice long while sketching with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent again on Sunday. As I did on Saturday I decided to sketch inside – so I just turned around in my office chair and sketched what was behind me…a bean bag, a laundry basket, a pillow and an upside down catch scratching pole. Under the pillow is a fold up ottoman (which we were given for Christmas), decorated with scenes from Europe and stuffed full of my art materials.


1835 – Gathering dust

Yesterday (Saturday) I joined my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent again for a Zoom sketching session. As we are effectively still on lock down here, like last weekend, I decided to sketch inside. My wife hunted for a long time to find and buy this Remington typewriter for me as a 50th birthday present. I used a typewriter a lot when I lived in Cambodia and wanted one again….I’m not really sure why. I’m ashamed to say that since then it’s just gathered dust under our coffee table.


1833 – The dirty deed

This morning I took our young tom cat, Captain Haddock, to the vet to be neutered. Last night I cleaned up our cat carrier and as soon as I set it down on the floor he got in and had a sniff around. He also got in willingly this morning, but by the time we got to the vets he was of course a bit stressed out and wondering what on earth was going on. Poor little thing, I am feeling guilty now.


1829 – Now it’s mine

I had a second Zoom sketching session with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent on Sunday. As we are still effectively on lock down I decided to sketch my office again. This room used to be our older daughters bedroom and was then my wife’s office (I did another sketch of it when she was in it)…but now it’s all mine! This sketch took quite a while…I like to spend more time sketching on weekends, my sketches during the week tend to be simpler still life efforts.