1450 – Father’s Day cake

The #Kyusisketchers theme today was father. As my father is no longer with us, I thought I’d sketch something to do with how we celebrated Father’s Day here. My day started with breakfast in bed – can’t get better than that. In the afternoon I got a lovely card from my daughter in the UK and my daughter here made me a huge chocolate cake. This is the debris she left in the sink afterwards. Thank goodness she also did the washing up.


1443 – Cookbook collection

I sketched this on a lazy Saturday afternoon in our kitchen. On the stand are some old classic cookbooks (Madhur Jaffrey – Eastern Vegetarian Cooking), plus a collection of recipes from Bhutan put together by VSO. The big folder is full of Guardian “Feast” pull outs. The end of our workshop gets more and more crowded with junk each day!


1391 – Rarely used

The other day I got out our rarely used food processor (something we bought many years ago when we lived in Jordan) to make ukoy (pumpkin fritters). We don’t use it much as it’s such a fiddle to clean and dry all the parts afterwards. Anyway before we put it away I thought it would make a good subject to draw. For a change I also sat on a very low stool…to get a different perspective.


1374 – Practising circles

Here is another sketch done around the house – no explanation needed as to where this is I hope. I didn’t realise until I started this, how many of the utensils hanging up are circular – a few of them turned out less circular than I would have hoped. The round green thing in the middle is an antique soap dispenser, something I found on a building site in the UK many years ago.


1207 – Busy kitchen

I thought I was about to fall asleep last Friday evening – but then my landlord came round with a new TV because the old one was broken. That woke me up…so I tested out the new TV and watched Interstellar and sketched as I sprawled on the couch. I think I should put a few things in cupboards?


1134 – Picnic food

This is the teeny weeny kitchen in the Airbnb place that I am staying in Turks and Caicos – more of a hallway than a kitchen really. The #WorldWatercolorMonth prompt for yesterday was picnic food and the only reference to that in my drawing is that there is a little box of cherry tomatoes on the counter!


1090 – Cruets

Sticking with my habit of drawing whatever happens to be in front of me, here is an evening doodle of the salt and pepper pots on the table in my Airbnb place. For some reason there are three – and none of them have anything in!