1055 – Two gods at Faith Tabernacle

Here is another one of the churches that I pass on my way home. I sketched this quickly, leaning against a wall as I couldn’t find anywhere convenient to sit down. I also wanted to make sure I got the cellphone tower in the background as I thought this was an interesting contrast – certainly people spend a lot of time communing with their cell phones these days.


1054 – On the wall at the airport

On Thursday I made a day trip to South Caicos, flying from Providenciales to Grand Turk and then to South Caicos on increasingly small planes – the last one just seating 5. Good job I am not a nervous flier. The silly thing is though that the airline rebooked me on to the direct flight from Provo to South Caicos as some seats became available…but didn’t tell me even when I checked in for the flight through Grand Turk. Anyway while I waited there I had a coffee and sketched this watched by a group of school kids whose flight was overbooked. I think one of the bits of paper may be a wanted poster!


1053 – I got a lift home

A couple of days ago I planned to sketch one of the churches I pass on when I walk home…however one of my colleagues kindly stopped along the road and offered me a lift. Although I prefer to walk and get a little exercise, I couldn’t really refuse so instead when I got home I sat outside and sketched this.


1051 – Church of St. Monica

I pass by this church each day, walking to and from work. I was attracted by the shape of the roof (which I would describe as a witches hat roof), but carelessly I started the drawing too high up the page and missed out the nice rusty red cross on top (which I think is a Celtic type).


1050 – Rained on at Grace Bay

On Sunday I thought it was about time I visited the famous Grace Bay Beach (named by Trip Advisor as the world’s number 1 beach), but it turned out to be a rainy day. I took shelter under a thatched hut…which was probably exclusively for guests of the resort fronting the beach. However as everyone had rushed inside to get out of the rain, I had the place to myself – except for some swimmers (if you are already wet in the sea, why run for shelter?). The beach does have lovely turquoise water and acres of sand…but best in the world? I thought it was a bit crowded with loungers and that there are more beautiful beaches in the Philippines…but perhaps I am biased.


1049 – Booze at the airport bar while CNN is on repeat

I arrived at the airport (in Grand Turk) for my domestic flight rather late (or so I though). But being on “island time” I was told I shouldn’t go through to the departure area until ½ hour before the actual flight (not the boarding time). Clearly things are a bit more relaxed than international flights. Anyway I used up my time with coffee and a sketch of the large array of booze behind the airport bar. On a TV next to me CNN was playing…some kind of loop of news from 2 days ago!


1048 – Painting of a painting

I didn’t have time to go to the lighthouse or sketch the donkeys in Grand Turk (bad planning on my part – I didn’t included a weekend in my trip). So this is my solution. Plus I also didn’t sketch my apartment – so this is three birds in one stone! Just in case my employers are watching, I drew this at lunchtime very quickly and added the colour in the evening!


1047 – John’s ocean view beach bar

As I drew this, sitting on a log on the beach, the sun was setting and in the background I could hear reggae music, the sound of a group of guys loudly slapping down dominoes and an evangelical preacher of some sort praising the lord (and his congregation calling out hallelujah every now and then). Wafting in the breeze is the smell of the days catch being sold nearby and the salty smell of the sea. Yes I’m very very lucky to be here and paid for it to boot!