1425 – Shadow

So, it’s back to following the #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompts – the subject for 20th May being “shadow”. I’ve sketched our table and chair so many times…but still find the subject interesting. The other advantage is that I don’t need to get off the couch!


1221 – Where I spend my evenings

Before I drew this I checked on my progress at doing at least one sketch per day. Since I began doing this in April 2016, I should have done 1266 sketches, so I am 46 behind. Admittedly that is over three years but even so I’m going to make an effort to catch up – maybe the Inktober prompts will be a good incentive!


1021 – Workplace in a tiny house

I did this sketch for the #Kyusisketchers weekly challenge of #myfavenook. This is my work desk. It’s built into a wardrobe (the desk is a flap that folds back up to conceal it) that I designed in our bedroom – the desk seat is at the end of the bed. As our apartment is so tiny we have several space saving features like this. I forgot that I had water soluble ink in my pen …hence the faded out ink lines. Oops!


936 – Elephant in Lavenham

Here are a few peculiar things you can see outside a furniture shop (Marshbeck Interiors) opposite where my parents live. I’ve these passed several times and couldn’t resist sketching them. There is an elephant that seems to be made of driftwood and two huge chairs, one which straddles a low wall. I guess the chairs are there as a sign for the shop…as for the elephant, I am not sure!