#271 – Pink House


I went out for a nice long walk today, ending up near the church in Lavenham and sat down to do this ink and watercolour sketch of a row of cottages, which is opposite. This is the first page in a new sketch book (back to using Daler Graduate sketchbooks). Even though the paper is thinner it can take a lot of my scratching and scribbling!


#270 – Tea rooms


I finally went out to draw yesterday and sat on a damp bench in the square to draw this corner of the guidlhall (which houses some tea rooms). It was pretty cold so I did this quickly in ink and watercolour. Still plenty of tourists wandering around though.


#267 – Fireplace


Sticking with a Christmas theme (can’t help it really at this time of year), here is the watercolour and ink sketch I did yesterday at my sisters house, where we spent Christmas day. That’s a real wood burning fire on the right, but a china cat curled up!


#263 – Gate 2 Terminal 1


After only a few days at home I took an early morning flight to the UK to visit my parents for Christmas. I flew China Eastern Airlines and had to queue for 1 1/2 hours to check in at 2am. What fun. Here is the ink and watercolour-pencil sketch I did when I finally reached the gate.