988 – Meeting of phones

Last Saturday I was in Starbucks again waiting for my daughter to finish her gymnastics class. This groups of young men seemed to be having a meeting but most of the time they were staring at their phones rather than actually talking. Maybe I am old fashioned but I find the amount of time people spend staring at their phones (even when there is someone next to them ready to chat) disturbing. As ever my attempt to sketch the logo of Starbucks went a bit wrong somewhere!


986 – At the clinic

I finally got a few moments in the clinic to sketch this last Monday. Most of the time I was hurried from one test and one room to another, but after all the tests they told me to wait a couple of hours for the health certificate to be prepared. This sketch is kind of unfinished but I think it gives an impression of how crowded it was in the waiting area.


985 – The park is for sleeping in

On Monday I was back in old Manila completing my medical certificate. Going between the clinic and the Bureau of Immigration I stopped in the park (called Agrifina circle apparently) to sketch. I couldn’t find out anything about this sculpture/fountain…maybe someone knows. Almost every sitting spot in the park (including on the grass in the shady areas) was occupied by tired looking workers having a midday snooze.


978-984 Life drawing at Sunday nudes

Last Sunday I had the rare pleasure of joining a life drawing session with Sunday Nudes. The model’s name was Nico and he was kind enough to choose one of my drawings as one of the “winners” and I got a little prize of some stickers! I was most pleased with my first (978) and last drawings (984).


977 – The Johnn Lemon stand

Here is a sketch from last Saturday at the mall – I didn’t really have time to finish it properly. What attracted me to draw it were the bight colours, that eye which is part of a shop sign and the clever name of the lemon juice stand (and yes they really have spelt John with two n’s).


976 – In the Chinese garden

After spending all morning getting prodded and poked so I could get a medical certificate last Friday, I decided to take a lunch break in Rizal Park. To one side of the park is the Chinese Garden – which apparently was built to promote friendship and the Philippines. The garden is a bit run down but it’s a nice quite spot to sketch.