#296 – Merry-go-round


Finally got out to sketch on Saturday – but despite the blue skies it was freezing cold so I rushed this a bit. I used watercolour and a Uni Pin pen for a change but still prefer water-soluble ink in my fountain pen. This scene is outside the cinema again – an interesting mix of modern and traditional architecture with a merry-go-round thrown in for good measure.


#295 – Room service


Last night I got soaked in the rain on the way back to my hotel – definitely not a night to go out to eat, so for a change I called up room service. Here is my watercolour and ink sketch of the dinner tray after I’d quickly demolished some pasta arrabbiata.


#290 – Le Yacht Club


Yesterday I took a nice long walk and without intending to ended up at Zeitunay Bay and marina. There was a lot to draw there – although the whole time I drew (sitting on the edge of the boardwalk because I got turfed off the bollard I was sitting on) I was nervous about dropping all my sketching kit into the sea!


#289 – Lamp at night


Sketching in watercolour and ink in my hotel room again last night – I think I’ve draw a similar view many many times, especially given that hotel rooms are so anonymous…I could be anywhere. Even so I don’t tire of reinterpreting the same scene.


#288 – The sea from hotel


I’ve missed a couple of day of drawing – I’ve got too much work to do and I’m still recovering from jet lag in the evenings. However here is a quick and careless watercolour I did before setting off for work yesterday. And yes on the left and right the grey/green patches are the sea!