741 – I want candy

Here is a very fast doodle for the Doodlewash prompt of “candy” for last Saturday. These are three ancient and random sweeties that I found in a box in the fridge…we don’t eat a lot of sweeties so we’ve had these for far too long!


740 – Signs of life

Here is a sketch I did on the weekend at the mall – somehow it seemed such a cheerful and colourful scene. Apart from the signs in the drawing, the title comes from an Arcade fire album I have been listening too a bit obsessively.


737 – Turtle wallet

Here is my sketch for the Doodlewash prompt of “Turtles” for yesterday. It might be a bit difficult to make out but this is a little wallet made from two pieces of coconut shell and a zip in between. I put all my effort into making it look like polished coconut.


735 – Favourite pens

Here is another sketch following the Doodlewash May prompt of “pens” for Monday. My favourite pens are a Rotring sketching pen, filled with water soluble ink, and a Lamy Safari filled with indelible ink. I don’t usually leave so much white paper, so this sketch is a bit of a departure for me!