1345 – Angel observing silence

Here is the second sketch I did last Sunday while killing time, waiting for a laptop to be repaired. In the middle of the Greenhills shopping area is a small chapel with pews inside and chairs outside in a covered area. The service had finished by the time I sat down in the covered area. The stone angel I could see was, I think, a font.


1344 – Sun in my eyes

On the weekend I had a lot of time to kill while waiting for a laptop to be repaired yet again. The shop had put in new speakers a few months ago and one of them stopped working almost immediately. Cars are enjoyable to draw but I realised as I started this sketch that this one was mostly in silhouette, as the sun was in my eyes….and the colour (gold maybe?) was difficult to make out.


1343 – Caution – bread talk

I sketched this while out in the Market Market! mall last weekend… adding the colour when at home. Yellow seemed to be the theme! I used to like buying food at Bread Talk…they used to actually sell bread and savoury snacks, but now I find it’s all sweet cakes and (what can only be vaguely described as) bread, heavily dosed with sugar.


1342 – A slice of city

Last week I was wandering through Global City (on my way home from a medical check up) and stopped for a coffee. This is the view I had from outside the shop. I do like sketching in this part of Metro Manila as a simple section of what I could see has such interesting colours and shapes.


1341 – The Kominsky Method

The other evening I sketched my daughters cactus and succulent while watching the Kominsky Method on Netflix. Who would have thought that a gentle comedy about two old guys, death and prostate problems would make me “laugh like a drain”. If you haven’t heard of that phrase, it’s from the UK around the time of WWII described as army officers slang…something I must have picked up from my dad, as I am not quite that old.


1339 – Where would you prefer to live?

On Tuesday I headed off to Makati on my bike to make my “annual report” (all foreigners living in the Philippines with an Alien Certificate of Registration have to show up to the Bureau of Immigration in the first two months of the year and pay a small fee). It’s quite a long ride, but I do love cycling along the Pasig River…though its a bit smelly in places. I sketched this on the way back sitting in one of the little strips of park sandwiched in between the river and the noisy Dr. Jose P Rizal Avenue. I was planning to do more work on it when I got home…but then decided I liked the lighter half finished feel. I would definitely prefer to live in those little riverside houses rather than in one of the huge anonymous blocks behind.


1338 – Mt. Mapalad view

On Sunday we went for a hike with some friends to the top of Mt. Mapalad in Tanay, Rizal. Apparently its a hike that is suitable for beginners with a level of difficulty set at 3/9. Instead of setting off from home at 3am as originally proposed (so that we would get to the top without having to hike in the blazing heat), I managed to wangle a lay in and we set off at only 4:30am!


1337 – A bit Studio Ghibli

One of my daughters friends said that our house has a Studio Ghibli feel – because of all the bits and bobs we have from the various places we have lived. I take that as a compliment because I am a fan of Studio Ghibli. Here is just a small sample of one of our very crowded bookshelves.