1291 – Tuk-tuk in the airport

Here is another sketch I did while waiting at Heathrow to meet up with my daughter on Christmas Eve. This is what I’d call a Tuk-tuk – an auto rickshaw…which I have seen a lot of in South East Asia, particularly in Bangkok. This one was set up outside Caffè Nero to sell flowers out of the back…I had intended to include those in the sketch, but as I often do, I drew too large!


1289 – Escape route

Here is a quick sketch I did en-route to the UK, in the airport in Istanbul. I didn’t think I’d have enough time to sketch as the connection was quite short, but the flight took ages to board. I certainly didn’t have time to add colour…anyway the airport is mostly grey!


1288 – Santa is checking his list

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been travelling to the UK to spend Christmas with family. However here is the last sketch I did at Casa Amara in the Philippines – suitably Christmassy. Belated Merry Christmas and advanced Happy New Year to everyone who follows my posts and comments on my sketches – thank you for the continuing support.


1286 – Dog on beach

Here is another non-Christmassy sketch from our trip to Casa Amara – this one done on the beach, in the drizzle…hence the white splotches over the paint. On the right is a dog curled up – though my daughter thought it was a pumpkin and my wife thought it was a dwarf!


1285 – It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas

I plucked up enough courage today to have a go at sketching the living area in Casa Amara where we are staying for the weekend. You might say that their decorations are a little over the top? In this drawing alone there are 12 Christmas trees and that must be only a small proportion of the ones in the resort. This sketch of course took me more than my usual 45 minutes!