1159 – My hat

Here is an evening sketch in my apartment – and of course my hat on a coat hook in the background. The walls are actually all a nondescript cream colour, but when the light is right…well my imagination takes over.


1157 – Evening entertainment

Sometimes when you get home from work, the only way to relax is a cold beer…for me, along with that comes yet another drawing of a beer bottle (I had finished the beer by the time I drew this). This beer is called “I soon reach” – according to the label this is a reference to Turks and Caicos island time – meaning when you are expecting to meet someone, chase them up and they say this, they could be just around the corner or just setting sail from another island en route to you!


1153 – Change of location

On the weekend I discovered that the WiFi in the Airbnb apartment I am renting is ten times better in the bedroom (it’s pretty hopeless in all the other rooms). Unfortunately there is no desk in that room…so I decided to make use of the ironing board! Here is a sketch of my set up for evening and weekend working.


1150 – To snack or to sketch?

Sketching this stopped me finishing the packet of crisps (or chips as they say in the US). As well as avoiding unhealthy snacking sketching is also good for my mental health – my work and motivation has been a struggle recently. Sketching every evening is a way to relax and to forget work problems.